Monday, August 22, 2022

Lucifer - Family Dinner

The arrival of God (Dennis Haysbert) on Earth, continuing to work in mysterious ways, drives Lucifer (Tom Ellis) into a tailspin and leads to one hell of an uncomfortable family dinner. The case of the week involves a barbequed victim at a miniature golf course which also follows the theme of a dysfunctional family. Realizing Lucifer is dealing with family drama, but not its source, Chloe (Lauren German) steers the investigation both to find a killer and to see if will help her partner work through his own issues.  Despite the confession of the victim's father (John Glover), the truth behind the murder turns out to be a bit more complicated.

As is often the case, Lucifer's discovers personal meaning in the catching the killer and discovering the motives. In this case, discovering similarities with his own father (while still viewing him through the cracked lens of his own perspective), leads the Devil to make a hard admission to both himself and the woman who loves him. Other storylines feature Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Ella (Aimee Garcia) each struggling to get over separate recent events, Mazikeen's (Lesley-Ann Brandt) being denied her heart's desire by the only one who can grant it, and revelations for Linda (Rachael Harris) finding herself in the unusual situation of getting to know her son's grandfather.

  • Title: Lucifer - Family Dinner
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