Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The Umbrella Academy - Meet the Family

The season opener picks up directly from the Second Season finale with the Umbrella Academy returning to the future only to find that after their experiences in the 1960s Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) chose to adopt seven different children and raise them as the Sparrow Academy. The opener gives us quick introductions to the various characters making up the new squad (which hands the Umbrella Academy a solid ass kicking) along with some fun involving Jayme (Cazzie David) using her hallucinatory spitting powers to offer humorous visions for both Diego (David CastaƱeda) and Five (Aidan Gallagher).

Kicked out of their home, our heroes seek shelter in the Hotel Oblivion (referencing one of the comic mini-series, albeit in name only). Diego also gets a surprise visit from an old friend, Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) heads home to find a daughter who we don't even know whether or not exists in this timeline, and Vanya (Elliot Page) attempts to broker a piece with the leader of the Sparrow Academy (Justin Cornwell), which isn't likely to lead anywhere now that he's been swallowed up by an apocalyptic ball of death in the basement of the home that seems to have followed our heroes back to the present (or at least this version of the present).

There are some interesting differences between the two groups, other than the various powers and characters. First, in this reality it appears the still living Hargreeves is subservient to the group rather than their taskmaster. The group, while not feeling much like a family in the limited screentime, does feel like a far more polished team. Allowing for an alternative version of Ben (Justin H. Min) also allows to return as well (albeit as an enemy rather than friend). The question about what happened to the various members of the Umbrella Academy who weren't adopted in this reality isn't askes before Allison takes her leave (likely leading to complications and consequences).

  • Title: The Umbrella Academy - Meet the Family
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