Monday, August 1, 2022

Detective Comics #1062

A new creative team arrives to kick off a new arc in Detective Comics #1062 as Gotham City is invaded by weird zombie hell-ish ash monsters. We small glimpses of several members of Arzen's family, some of whom have already arrived in Gotham and others who are on the way. While we don't get much detail of who/what they or what they are ultimately after, it's clear there's something supernatural about them.

The threat is grave enough that even Talia al Ghul arrives to cryptically warn her beloved about the oncoming storm. The issue sells me on the look while teasing the reader about the doubt that has begun to creep into Batman which no doubt will play a larger and larger role as things get more bizarre. As for the odd family, we see so little of them here it's hard to pass judgement. The issue also features a Jim Gordon back-up story which may or may not have put me to sleep.

[DC, $4.99]

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