Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds stars in this convoluted story of a time-traveler looking for a disruption in the timeline who travels back from 2050 to 2022 and is forced to work with his preteen self (Walker Scobell) to avoid other time travelers following him. The premise allows for an older and younger version of the same character on-screen, a very Disney Channel kind of tale, although the lengths the story goes to to explain and support this get unnecessarily complicated for the kind of film The Adam Project is in its willingness to both change time in very important ways and at the same time avoid other changes that its writers just decide shouldn't be messed with.

Jennifer Garner has a role of Adam's mother who takes the brunt of her kid's frustration after the death of his father (Mark Ruffalo). We also get Zoe Saldana in an all-too-short appearance as future Adam's wife.

When the film has fun with the two characters and plays on the cathartic nature of pairing them together at these two moments in their lives, The Adam Project is at its best with the younger Scobell able to hold his own with Reynolds' sarcasm. When it tries to delve into larger time travel themes, or get into the evil machinations of the woman in control of time travel technology (Catherine Keener), things get much more hit-and-miss in a half-assed Timecop kind of way, although the film does feature a passable level of special effects and plenty of action featuring Adam fighting off other time travelers wanting to take him home.

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