Monday, August 8, 2022

Blood & Treasure - Tales of the Golden Tiger

The search for Kate (Victoria Diamond) takes Danny (Matt Barr) and Lexi (Sofia Pernas) to Vietnam where they enlist the help of Shaw (Michael James Shaw) where they learn she isn't so much kidnapped as working for the CIA who staged her abduction to try and spur the pair into finding the Soul of Genghis Khan. Instead time is wasted looking into the people tied the shadowy organization after the banner including sneaking into an underground fighting ring where Lexi runs into her old partner Violet (Michelle Lee).

There's some nice moments with the return of Shaw and Violent working out her complicated feelings towards Lexi. No closer to finding the banner, our protagonists at least discover they have been played by Kate. Knowing she's no longer in danger leaves their next move in doubt. Elsewhere, Father Chuck (Mark Gagliardi) takes the some advice and heads off on vacation suggesting the full group may be reunited in the near future.

  • Title: Blood & Treasure - Tales of the Golden Tiger
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