Monday, September 26, 2022

Batman vs. Robin #1

Magic offers a homecoming of sorts as characters are drawn to the abandoned Wayne Manor, not only Batman but an apparently very much alive Alfred Pennyworth. The setup of the oversized issue pitting an out-of-control Damian against his father (and perhaps also his mother) with the help of mystical benefactors (or puppet-masters?), allows for the return of Alfred who, although it takes much of the issue, Bruce Wayne comes to realize is quite real.

Very much a mixed bag, Batman vs. Robin #1 takes characters backwards in their developments instead of forwards. I'm also not too pleased with the gruesome depicted of the lynched Zatanna who Batman and Alfred come to find while searching for answers as to just what is going on. Alfred may be back, and Batman is certainly pleased with that, but what kind of death will a magically-fueled Robin bring to bear in what's to come?

[DC, $5.99]

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