Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Echoes - Home

Michelle Monaghan stars as a woman who returns home for the first time in years when her twin sister goes missing. Gena is confused by the sudden distance between them, the circumstances of her twin's disappearance, secrets her father (Michael O'Neill) and brother-in-law (Matt Bomer) are keeping from her, and odd clues left around the house and property supposedly by Leni. The first episode sets up a mystery to be solved complete with secrets and half-heard conversations raising questions what has been happening on the farm in the time leading up to the Leni's disappearance. 

It's in the episode's final few moments, returning to spot on the family's property that both girls knew well, that Gena uncovers the fact that Leni appears to have chosen to abandon her life and has left her the choice to assume hers if Gena wishes, recalling a game from their childhood where the pair would swap places. It's a bizarre twist that is quickly surpassed an even more bizarre WTF moment by Leni's decision to assume the identity of her missing sister (thus ending the search for her) in an attempt to discover what events led to such a bizarre situation.

  • Title: Echoes - Home
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