Thursday, September 22, 2022

The Sandman - The Sound of Her Wings

After freeing himself and collecting his stolen items, Dream (Tom Sturridge) feels listless which leads to a visit from his sister. "The Sound of Her Wings" introduces Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death in an episode which is broken into two parts, both involving Dream reconnecting with humanity. Set in the present, the first involves the mopey Dream Lord hanging out with his sister and witnessing her connection to humans dying close-up. The second involves a wager of sorts between the pair and a man (Ferdinand Kingsley) who has lived for centuries without dying who may just be the closest thing Dream has to a friend.

A perfectly contained single episode featuring not one but two separate tales connected through Dream's relationship with his sister, there are no big plans nor evil machinations for Dream to thwart (other than the tease at the end of the episode involving Desire), nor any quest to complete. Dream's interactions with Hob over the centuries are fun, as is how angry the Dream Lord becomes by Hob's presumptions on their last meeting and their eventual reconciliation in the present. Howell-Baptiste is lovely in a version of Death that has found her purpose through her connection to humanity, something she pushes Dream towards both in the flashbacks and in the present which helps right his course and give him a moment of contentment before the next struggle begins.

  • Title: The Sandman – The Sound of Her Wings
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