Tuesday, September 6, 2022


The Fast & Furious' Elsa Pataky stars in this braindead action-thriller as U.S. Army Captain J. J. Collins who nearly single-handedly defends a remote Interceptor station somewhere in the Pacific which is the only thing that can prevent a smug monologuing terrorist (Luke Bracey) who won't ever shut up from nuking half of the United States. In it for money, which likely won't be worth anything after the global economy collapses, our rich bad boy otherwise seems to be prepared for anything he encounters, except Captain Collins.

Complete with multiple literal countdowns to disaster, J.J. keeps beating the odds in ways that would make Steven Seagal blush to save a country and Army that has largely turned her back on her and is otherwise filled with mostly dimwitted, corrupt, deranged, misogynistic, and cowardly soldiers. It's not exactly an Army recruitment film.

A thankless movie that can't even muster fun from the over-the-top action of writer/director Matthew Reilly's ridiculous screenplay, Interceptor needed to be intercepted before it ever saw the light of day.

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  • Title: Interceptor
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