Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Do Revenge

Camila Mendes stars as a mean girl on scholarship at a private high school fueled by anger over her boyfriend (Austin Abrams) leaking a sex tape to the entire school, for which she, not he, takes all the heat. A chance meeting over the summer with a transferring student (Maya Hawke) whose old bully (Ava Capri) also attends the school leads to the unlikely pair teaming up to take out each other's enemies.

Mixing themes of teen movie makeovers like She's All That or She's Out of Control with murderous partnerships of Strangers on a Train, Do Revenge follows the suddenly socially-shunned Drea (Mendes) targeting her new friend's old bully ruining her upcoming big moment at the school and the glamorized Eleanor (Hawke) targeting Drea's ex and showing everyone at the school who the golden boy really is.

Both ladies find their jobs complicated with unexpected feelings for someone on the other team as Eleanor develops feelings for Max's sister (Talia Ryder) while Drea develops chemistry with the bully's best-friend (Rish Shah). While one revenge plot goes to plan, the talented Max sidesteps consequence yet again pushing the vengeful Drea into a new gear and reveals more complex motives for Eleanor as the movie devolves from a somewhat fun mean girl revenge story into a messy drama with a late twist upon late twist before eventually stumbling incoherently to the finish line.

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