Thursday, September 1, 2022

Little Demon - First Blood

The opening episode of Little Demon introduces us to teenager Chrissy (Lucy DeVito) who discovers she's the Antichrist, a secret her mother (Aubrey Plaza) has been keeping from Chrissy her whole life (although it helps explain the pair constantly moving over the years). The discovery comes on Chrissy's first day of school when her mensuration leads to a giant black hole above the school, the awakening of new powers which she uses to brutally kill a pair of bullies, and finally the truth from her mother.

The series certainly feels like it's going for a crazy Rick and Morty vibe, with more of a fantasy/religious rather than science perspective driving the action. While not in that league in terms of quality, it certainly checks boxes for animate gore, crassness, and family dysfunction. In a busy day, both Chrissy and Laura take trips to Hell (through vastly different means), Chrissy meets her father Satan (Danny DeVito) and attends her first party. Choosing to stay on Earth, and not in any immediate hurry to help her father take control of the world, the episode ends with a status quo which no doubt will be point of the series going forward.

  • Title: Little Demon - First Blood
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