Thursday, September 15, 2022

The Sandman - 24/7

"24/7" sticks primarily with John (David Thewlis) for the majority of the episode as he takes the reacquired ruby for a test drive playing with the lives of those in a small dinner including a waitress (Emma Duncan), a scared girlfriend (Daisy Head), a power couple (Lourdes Faberes and James Udom), a young man (Laurie Davidson) on his way to an interview, and the fry cook (Steven Brand). Stripping away lies and forcing each character into giving into their baser desires. I have to imagine that if anyone tried to create a Spectre series, it might look something a little like this (with a bit more wrath thrown in).

Incapacitated for most of the episode, Dream (Tom Sturridge) arrives to the carnage in the diner leading to a showdown between the two and John's attempt to destroy the Dream Lord by destroying the ruby (unintentionally freeing the portion of Dream's powers which had been trapped within). While the first three-fourths of the episode works as a standalone horror tale, it's the final few moments that weave our main character back into the story and remind us, and John, just how little we are compared to Morpheus. Wrapping up the first arc of the show, the episode ends with the tease of a new character (Mason Alexander Park) with a role to play in what is yet to come.

  • Title: The Sandman - 24/7
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