Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Rick and Morty - Rick: A Mort Well Lived

WTF, Summer (Spencer Grammer)? You've never seen Die Hard? Who hasn't seen Die Hard? For the second episode of the season, Rick and Morty gets meta as we're thrown into the middle of an adventure where Morty's (Justin Roiland) consciousness has been split across millions of NPCs in a video game when the arcade is attacked. Rick (Roiland) jumps into the game in an attempt to round up the Mortys and talk some sense into them (which turns out to be harder than he expected) leaving Summer to take out the terrorists who have captured the mostly empty arcade by doing a "Die Hard" on them.

"Rick: A Mort Well Loved" is really a two-joke episode with Summer attempting to go all Die Hard despite not knowing anything about the movie and Rick's growing frustration with aspects of Morty's personalities all living as distinctly different characters in a video game who are really just aspects of a masturbating 14 year-old kid. I think both jokes get drawn out a bit too long before the conclusion of the episode (which doesn't really explore how much different Morty is now versus when he entered the video game). The episode also really glosses over why Morty will be lost, especially as Rick doesn't seem to need to do much work to combine various aspects of him other than get them to leave the planet in the game (so how is that different than just pulling the plug as apparently all of them will recombine into Morty at the end), but that's the conceit this time around that delivers plenty of fun moments. 

  • Title: Rick and Morty - Rick: A Mort Well Lived
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