Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Iron Cat #4

Iron Cat #4 continues the comic's opening arc with the betrayal of Madame Menace now loose and planning to destroy the world and Tamara Blake forced to work with Black Cat and Iron Man to try to fix the mess she caused in her quest for revenge. While giving us the "apparent" death of Blake, there's plenty of misdirection here and it certainly wouldn't surprise me to see her pop back up before the arc concludes.

Most of the comic features Iron Man and Black Cat running for their lives from the LMDs under Madame Menace's control hoping to confuse her long enough to put some kind of plan together. As action goes, see the heroes fleeing isn't the most heroic thing, but it does set up some of the misdirection and allow the comic to end in a cliffhanger with the fate of Tamara, and the world, in doubt.

[Marvel, $3.99] 

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