Tuesday, July 11, 2023

007: For King and Country #3

The first-half of 007: For King and Country #3 deals with James Bond's rescue of Gwendolyn Gann which she then needs to immediately return the favor as Bond gets pinned down by 006 in helping to clear her escape. It's from 006 the comic introduces the idea that there's some looming secret Gann is keeping from Bond, which will be further suggested at the end of the issue as well.

The third issue in the series is also notable for the first appearance of Felix Leiter who Bond goes to for help. While Leiter initially seems ready to help, he delivers Bond straight into the crosshairs of 005 who has a story to tell Bond. Just what is the secret Gann has been keeping? And how much will it effect Bond's mission to destroy Myrmidon (which we see more examples of their monstrosity on display underlining that despite Gann's secrets, Myrmidon needs to be taken down whatever the cost).

[Dynamite, $3.99]

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