Monday, July 3, 2023

The Rising - Episode 4

As the police continue their investigation into Neve's (Clara Rugaard) murder, her family struggles to deal with both her loss and the discovery that her step-sister Katie (Robyn Cara) was boinking Neve's boyfriend (Solly McLeod) on the night of the party. Meanwhile, Neve's ghost enlists the help of Alex (Nenda Neururer) to understand the strange stone shrine in the woods and the odd effect it has one her. The emotional toll of Neve's death, and the revelations it leads to, continues to be the strength of the show four episodes as Maria (Emily Taaffe) lashes out,  Daniel (Alex Lanipekun) struggles to keep the family together, Joan (Karen Henthorn) attempts to offer comfort, and William (Nicholas Gleaves) finds some comfort in unexpected places.

Neve's investigation, which takes her through the woods and across town to an abandoned building, following the vision she had in the woods, provides the more expected horror elements of the episode and a shocking twist that don't hit as strong as its dramatic moments. The do, however, lead her to a locked room where she she believes she died and a realization about who may be involved.

  • Title: The Rising - Episode 4
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