Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Lazarus Project - Episode 4

While Shiv (Rudi Dharmalingam) begins to suspect what his coworker is up to, and trails him halfway around the world, George (Paapa Essiedu) goes all in on his plan to cause a world ending event which would force the Lazarus Project to reset time and bring Sarah (Charly Clive) back to life. We get cat-and-mouse play throughout the episode leading into a full on chase with George crossing another line both in killing Shiv. This is followed up quickly by his cold and calculated decision to lead another member of the Project to his death in order to hide all traces of his movements prior to a time reset (where he'll have an entirely new set of problems to deal with).

As has been the case with each episode, we get flashbacks to a character showing their past and their experiences with the time resets. "Episode 4" gives us Shiv's struggle with his awareness since childhood and his discovery of how it could be used to his advantage as a teenager heading into to tragedy with his family and his eventual recruitment by Lazarus. It makes sense to give us Shiv's backstory int he episode where George kills him off but that also takes the character out of play for the foreseeable future. The extended chase sequence works quite well leading to George's realization that there is no going back or leaving his current path also cementing his role, for better or worse, as the show's villain.

  • Title: The Lazarus Project - Episode 4
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