Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Murder City

Released directly to Tubi, Murder City is your typical B-movie action flick starring Luke Cage's Mike Colter as a disgraced cop who finds his family being squeezed by a local gangster (Stephanie Sigman) after he is released from prison. We see a little of Neil's (Colter) on the job skimming prior to his arrest when playing back-up to his father's (Antonio Fargas) drug deal when both are busted by the DEA. Fast-forwarding through his stay in prison, we only see his release on-screen, the story picks up with new troubles for Neil from the psychotic Ash who basically blackmails him into going to work for her by leveraging Neil's family.

What follows is Neil half-assing his way through a plan to try and get his family (who the film can't decide how angry they are with him) safe including trusting those he knows he can't, eventually leading, of course, to an inevitable showdown between the two. Colter is the best thing about the film, the rest is largely forgettable including the drawn-out final action sequence.

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