Thursday, July 27, 2023

Good Omens - The Arrival

Time has past since the end of the First Season of Good Omens and while Crowley (David Tennant) and Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) have both remained on Earth, they have decided to go their separate ways. However, the arrival of an amnesiac Gabriel (Jon Hamm) who disappears from Heaven and shows up wandering naked through the city and into the angel's book shop will reunite the unlikely pair once more. With the First Season relying on the source material for its storyline, this new season feels very much like the writers feeling their way with yet-unnamed new trouble related to Gabriel's amnesia, his reason for showing up on Earth, and what he may have been carrying in the empty box.

Gabriel's arrival, Aziraphale's call for help, and Hell's warning to Crowley about the seriousness of the angel's disappearance, lead both the demon and angel to go against their decision to stay low key and apart. Crowley's agitated behavior unintentionally affects the other storyline of the episode with Maggie (Maggie Service) and Nina (Nina Sosanya) get trapped in her café while the decision to perform a small miracle to hide Gabriel from both Heaven and Hell also paints a bullseye on the book shop as the episode comes to a close.

  • Title: Good Omens - The Arrival
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