Thursday, July 27, 2023

Futurama - The Impossible Stream

After a decade Futurama returns with Fry (Billy West) attempting to binge watch every episode of television ever. Despite the idiocy of the idea, the others are supportive even putting Fry into a suit to help facilitate his impossible goal. However, as he becomes addicted to the stream, but runs out of new content to watch, his friends will be forced to take drastic measures to create new episodes of All My Circuits for him.

The actors easily fall back into their roles after such a lengthy hiatus and it is fun to see the returns of both Calculon (Maurice LaMarche) and the Robot Devil (Dan Castellaneta) for this episode. However, the return has more than enough in-jokes and references about cancellation and Hulu that begin to drag well-before the script gets tired of telling them. Still, despite the running gag that runs out of gas, it is fun to see Futurama return from cancellation... again.

  • Title: Futurama - The Impossible Stream
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