Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Moon Knight #25

Moon Knight #25 offers an oversized issue that doesn't lead to any important revelations, wrap-up the ongoing story, or offer the unexpected. Instead we get an oversized issue featuring Moon Knight going after the Black Spectre, the trap the latest villain lays for him involving a handful of Marc Spector's former foes, in a B-movie version of Knightfall, Moon Knight cuts a swath through them before being saved by one of the Black Spectre's minions who had second thoughts after leading Moon Knight into a trap.

Other aspects from the issue involve a very long storyline from Spectre's past working as a spy and mercenary that doesn't tie back into the main story in a meaningful way (or maybeI missed it as I started skimming my way past it, growing bored with the interlude). We also get Black Spectre coming after Zodiac as each see themselves as the proper nemesis to Moon Knight. Helping Zodiac escape from prison, are the two now allies or enemies? Who knows, because the issue ends without a reveal. It has its moments, but the comic is overlong and ultimately not worth the cover price.

[Marvel, $9.99]

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