Monday, July 17, 2023

Almost Paradise - The Magellan Cross

After defeating his nemesis and reconnecting with his daughter at the end of last season, Alex Walker (Christian Kane) gets pulled into a new case to help Kai Mendoza (Samantha Richelle) and Ernesto Alamares (Art Acuña) to investigate the death of a local priest, the fire which burned down the church, and the theft of a priceless artifact. Also attempting to take his doctor's advice to get back into the dating pool, the case is complicated by Alex's feelings for a local woman (Max Collins) who quickly becomes one of their leading suspects. However, the one hiding in plain sight is the easiest one to see coming (except for the police).

"The Magellan Cross" does what's needed for a successful season premiere in reestablishing the framework of the show, our former DEA agent with a heart condition on disability relocated to the island and occasionally helping the local police on a case of the week, while also offering some new twists in Alex possibly opening himself up to a relationship and the looming end of his therapy and his government disability which could lead to further changes in his life as the season progresses.

  • Title: Almost Paradise - The Magellan Cross
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