Friday, July 28, 2023

Moon Knight: City of the Dead #1

Beginning with Moon Knight fighting off a cultish gang after a young boy, Moon Knight: City of the Dead #1 takes Marc Spector to Duat, the City of the Dead, to find and return the boy's soul to his wounded body. Not a well-known or often used location, the comic takes advantage of the city's deputation of Duat from the Moon Knight TV-series to explain its existence (although it expands on it much more than what we saw there).

The issue works as a fine introduction to a comic where a determined Moon Knight will be in a different realm filled not only with the Sons of the Jackal he dispatched at the beginning of this comic but plenty of old enemies he's sent to the afterlife. It's setting, and the nebulous idea of how time passes in the realm, also allows the events to be as drawn out as necessary to tell the story (although eventually we do need to discover why this one boy's soul is so important to the cult).

[Marvel, $4.99]

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