Monday, July 10, 2023

Green Arrow #3

The problem with basing an entire comic around a mysterious secret kept from both characters in the comic and from the readers is that once revealed, if it turns out to be dumb as fuck, the entire house of cards you built collapses in on itself. That's what happens in Green Arrow #3 as Ollie and Lian are pulled into the future to join Connor Hawke and the Legion of Super-Heroes where it's revealed an older version of Oliver Queen allowed Amanda Waller to play interdimensional hop-scotch with his entire family for something they might do on one particular timeline.

As bad as the reveal is, the reaction to is is equally bad. Not having the conviction to stick to the plan once his relatives point out how utterly stupid it is, Ollie (with minimal convincing) quickly throws in the towel. What was the point? The only thing that works in the issue is a separate interaction between Roy Harper and Peacemaker testing their skills (although the actual competition takes place mostly off-panel). Yeesh.

[DC, $3.99]

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