Tuesday, July 11, 2023

My Adventures with Superman - Adventures of a Normal Man (Part One)

The first episode of My Adventures with Superman introduces us to Clark Kent (Jack Quaid), Lois Lane (Alice Lee), Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid), and Perry White (Darrell Brown). After a short intro with young Clark discovering his powers in Smallville, we move forward several years to Metropolis and Clark and Jimmy's first day as interns at The Daily Planet where they meet Lois and quickly get pulled into her search for a big story involving stolen robots. While we don't get Superman in costume here, we do get Clark defending Lois and Jimmy in a hoodie in the episode's big action sequence against a series of killer robots, and Lois coining the moniker which he will eventually accept.

The animation is fluid, the characters are fun, and it's certainly a welcome more lighthearted take on the character than we've gotten recently. Several choices have to be made in order to tell a Superman story. Putting all three characters as interns, with Lois having seniority, offers an intriguing set-up for the trio. Despite the title of the series, neither Lois nor Jimmy are the main protagonist (although it appears both will be given substantial roles). Alice Lee's take on Lois feels like a bit of a throwback to Teri Hatcher and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. In many ways the show reminded me of Lois & Clark, especially with Lois' obsession with getting the story, the cute chemistry between the pair, making Clark rather than Superman the focus (at least so far), and Clark aware of his powers as an adult but not year clear on where they came from (which will start to be filled in in the next episode).

  • Title: My Adventures with Superman - Adventures of a Normal Man (Part One)
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