Friday, July 7, 2023

Tiger Within

In his final performance, Edward Asner stars as a Holocaust survivor who befriends a homeless teen (Margot Josefsohn) unwanted by either of her divorced parents and angry at the world. The odd couple pairing from screenwriter Gina Wendkos and director Rafal Zielinski offers the framework for some frank conversations across a multi-generational divide on how one chooses to live.

Art imitates life with a young actress just getting started learning from one on his final film. Tiger Within isn't a great film; it struggles to sting together a handful of individual scenes and build that into a fully realized tale. The final act also falls short ignoring the complicated situation Casey finds herself by suggesting finding her courage will magically solve all of her problems (including paying rent and making her family suddenly functional?). Although her life is changed by the friend she makes, Casey's journey is just starting leaving us with an underbaked film that limps weakly to the finish line after showing the promise of something more.

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