Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Rick and Morty: Heart of Rickness #1

The new four-issue Rick and Morty mini-series kicks off with Summer accidentally spoiling a deal between Rick and some space gangsters to get his hands on some crystals. As Morty points out, he has plenty of crystals but this are special... somehow. On the run, their sabotaged spaceship crash lands on an alien world where they discover an anti-technology Rick has taken control and has the trio thrown into a pit.

The adventure is fun enough, featuring a back-up story of Beth and Jerry not lasting more than a couple of hours without someone else in the house and going in search of Rick and the kids likely leading to troubles of their own, but I have more than few doubts about this getting drawn out for four issues (especially as this issue seems stuffed with masturbation jokes at Morty's expense to bolster the page count). All that said, the Indiana Jones-inspired cover is pretty cool.

[Oni Press, $4.99]

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