Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Almost Human - You Are Here

A murder of a game designer (Nick Hunnings) by a self-correcting smart bullet (originally created three decades ago by Dr. Charles Luther) brings out Kennex's (Karl Urban)  unresolved anger issues which his recent mandated anger management group therapy sessions haven't exactly resolved. After destroying an annoying MX at the crime scene, Kennex and Dorian (Michael Ealy) talk with the victim's girlfriend (Annie Monroe), who is the next intended target, and discover the dead man was likely the designer of the tracking system inside the magic bullet which a group of arms dealers used to kill him and now plan to sell to the highest bidder.

The idea of the bullet that can't be stopped is hardly new, but it does present an unique problem for Kennex and Dorian to solve, especially as the next intended victim has a mind of her own about the best way to protect both herself and her young daughter. "You Are Here" ends in anticlimactic fashion as the head arms dealer (Tatyana Forrest) and her partner are forced to go underground and kill the woman the the old fashioned way (by firing blinding with machine guns and getting taken out relatively easily by Kennex and Dorian). For some odd reason they choose to do so without bringing any of their magic bullets with them which would have worked normally once they were inside the underground bunker with their target and guaranteed their success.

Along with the opening group therapy scene the latest episode also continues to play on the flirtations between Kennex and Detective Stahl (Minka Kelly), and offers some buffoonery after Dorian takes the magic bullet intended for the woman under his protection leaving the android stuck speaking Korean for a large chunk of the episode. We also get the return of Reinhardt (Tim Kelleher) who offers a deal to Kennex and Captain Maldonado (Lili Taylor) to the end of his incarceration. In return for his freedom the terrorist agrees to disclose what his group was after in the police vaults and he even agrees to throw in the location of Kennex's missing girlfriend Anna (Mekia Cox). Although neither take him up on the offer, Maldonado appears sorely tempted.

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