Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Amazing X-Men #3

After opening up with a fun sequence involving the Beast fighting demonic pirates (which leaves Hank McCoy a very different character at the end of the issue than the man who began it) Amazing X-Men #3 finally begins reuniting Nightcrawler with his former teammates beginning with Storm.

With the fates of the other X-Men not touched on, the main crux of the latest issue deals with McCoy's unfortunate transformation that certainly suits his moniker and the reunion between Kurt and Ororo that includes a flashback to their time in the mansion and might have brought them both to tears if there weren't an entire ship full of pirate demons in need of being dispatched.

After two issues of set-up, Amazing X-Men finally starts delivering on the promise of working Nightcrawler back into the group. Although I didn't expect the level of romantic undertones we get here, I love the reunion between the pair and can't wait to see where they go from here. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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