Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pretty Little Liars - Close Encounters

Not knowing whether or not the group has accidentally led A straight to Alison (Sasha Pieterse), the Liars discuss what to do next which is complicated further when Shana (Aeriél Miranda) approaches Emily (Shay Mitchell) with what she says is a message from their mutual not-so-dead friend. Willing to trust the chance Shana might be telling the truth, Emily agrees to meet Ali alone. Although she's rewarded for her trust, the meeting isn't all she hoped when its interrupted by another of the Liars causing a new fracture in the group.

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) continues to doubt her father's (Nolan North) motives with both Toby‘s (Keegan Allen) case against Radley and the time he's spending with Mrs. DiLaurentis' (Andrea Parker). With the best intentions Spencer tries to help Toby continues to search for the truth rather than sign the settlement deal (which is in her own father's best interests), but her good intentions (just like with Emily) lead to nothing but further hurt feelings.

Choosing Ezra (Ian Harding), Aria (Lucy Hale) decides to break-up with Jake (Ryan Guzman). But their break-up also causes Jake to take a harder look at the big love in Aria's life, something he suggests she do as well after he witnesses Ezra's violent tantrum. While refusing to deal with the pain of her break-up with Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and threatening to throw-out half of her wardrobe, Hanna (Ashley Benson) makes a questionable pass at Travis (Luke Kleintank). Thankfully, Hanna's mother (Laura Leighton) steps-in for some much needed mother-daughter anger management bonding time to finally help Hanna begin to move on.

Although the foursome start out the episode united they spend much of "Close Encounters" apart. How far the new split between Emily and Spencer goes will effect the group's search for answers going forward. Jake's reaction to the surprise left in his gym, which obviously came from Ezra (whose dark side Aria has still yet to catch a glimpse of), will be interesting to watch as well. There certainly could be more than a little truth to how Spencer read Ali's motives in reaching out only to Emily, but if true what does Alison really want? And with nothing going the Liars way since discovering A's lair, how long can the status quo of Ali staying dead to the world and one-step ahead of A be maintained?

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