Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fatale #19

The amnesiac story arc comes to a close for Josephine whose slowly returning memory cautions her to flee town as soon as possible. However, something stronger forces her to return to the band's home seeking out Lance and the record of his song (inspired by her presence) which left out in the open could do all kinds of irreparable harm (as could the music video footage now in the hands of her enemy).

Fatale #19 not only offers us the final confrontation between Josephine and the cop whose serial killer activities put all the recent events into motion but it also gives us a glimpse into the fate of Lance, who like all men who come into contact with Josephine, is left a broken and obsessed shell of the man he once was.

And before coming to a close we get a big reveal in the Nelson and Nicholas Lash's storyline as Lash discovers the identity of his murderous savior whose very personal agenda doesn't necessarily involve the best outcome for his captive. Worth a look.

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