Sunday, January 26, 2014

White Collar - Taking Stock

When a client calls looking for Rebecca (Bridget Regan) it means an importunity for Diana (Marsha Thomason) to get back in the field and for Neal (Matt Bomer) to sit down with the assassin who conned him. As Diana goes undercover it allows Mozzie (Willie Garson) to spend a little time with his namesake, her baby Theodore. Aside from being a terrific babysitter, Mozzie's time with Theo will also lead to him make a huge discovery concerning the diamond leading into next week's season finale.

With Neal's not-so-legal help, Diana procures the USB drive the stockbroker is so interested in allowing the FBI to uncover a plot involving an algorithm that could net the man billions in a stock crash and swindle. But to get the information for the case Neal also has to sit down with Rebecca who seems far more concerned about Neal's feelings towards her than about the present state of her incarceration. There's a reason for that as well as the assassin manages to escape from prison off-screen setting up her role in next week's finale.

It's nice to see Marsha Thomason back as Diana and the episode plays to her strength both in kicking some ass and getting frustrated, and then surprised, by Mozzie's actions involving baby Theo. A major subplot in "Taking Stock" is Neal's bombshell that he wants Peter's help to commute Neal's sentence before the FBI agent leaves for D.C. Putting aside the fact that Neal's time should have run out more than a season ago (and the show has consistently been purposely vague about how much time is left on his sentence), it's nice to see the subject of Neal's freedom being raised again even if, as I suspect, it's only to play into one of the show's trademark season-ending cliffhangers.

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