Saturday, January 18, 2014

Teen Titans Go! - Legs

In an attempt to try an get  Raven (Tara Strong) to lighten up, Robin (Scott Menville) steals Raven's cloak but none of the Titans are ready for the results. Removed from the comfort, and soul-crushing despondency, of her costume Raven learns to have fun which isn't an immediate problem for the group until their friend's excitement with kicking every bad guy in sight leads her to adopt the new moniker "Lady Legasus" and leave the team.

With Raven gone, much to Beast Boy's (Greg Cipes) disappointment and leg fetish, the Titans are left with no villains left to fight and Cyborg stuck with Raven's cloak (which he is unable to remove after deciding to try it on). Their former friend's erratic behavior and desire to destroy the world finally brings Raven back into the fold taking back her cloak and her rightful place on the team.

Getting Raven out of her regular routine works well, even if the show seems to have a little too much of a leg fetish that parents may have to awkwardly explain to their children. The conclusion is a bit troubling as Raven takes back the cloak out of a questionable sense of responsibility when she obviously stronger and happier without it. Once it's off of Cyborg the logical choice would be to destroy it instead. Of course that means making a major permanent change to the show that I'm guessing no one, even the episode's writers, were actually prepared to make.

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