Tuesday, January 28, 2014

House of Lies - Boom

The well-crafted plan of Marty (Don Cheadle) and Jeannie (Kristen Bell) to woo a grocery conglomerate and a organic food chain and and pit them against each other quickly falls apart, along with Jeannie's position within Galweather Stearn, when the firm unexpectedly fires Julianne (Bess Armstrong) and decides to bring back "The Rainmaker" Marco Pelios (Griffin Dunne), who isn't exactly Jeannie's biggest fan. Seeing her position in the company fall apart when the man she got fired by exposing his practice of sleeping with various female employees is given back the keys to the kingdom, Jeannie has no choice but to call a last-second audible.

Neither Marty nor his potential client (Daniel Stern) is thrilled with the news the larger conglomerate has overpaid to buy his company out from under him. However even while screwing him over, Jeannie's command of the situation provides a boon for Marty as she decides to take all her clients (including a very happy grocery conglomerate) and leave Galweather Stearn in favor of working as a partner at Marty's new firm.

The scattered focus of the recent season becomes a little clearer with Jeannie and Marty working together, perhaps with Doug (Josh Lawson), as the show moves the central focus back to one particular Pod. And with Clyde (Ben Schwartz) finally deciding to run as far away from Monica's (Dawn Olivieri) constant insanity as humanly possible, can it be too long before the entire Pod is back together again? Dunne's return certainly gives the show a new villain and dragon for Marty and Co. to slay, and Jeannie's incredibly manipulative move at the end of the episode by taking advantage of one of the firm's young associates (Lauren Lapkus) offers the first volley in a war that's likely to get quite dirty before all is said and done.

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