Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Velvet #3

Framed and on the run from the same government agency she has worked for her entire life, Velvet sets out to solve the murder of Jefferson Keller. After her friend Burke sneaks her out of the United States and into Vienna (while quickly dispatching any trouble they come across), Velvet begins retracing the final days of Keller which includes seducing a government paper-pusher and breaking into a prison to rescue Jefferson's asset and try to slow piece the mystery together.

When the woman proves difficult demanding to see her child before helping fill-in the blanks about Jefferson's final days, Velvet reluctantly agrees only to get played and nearly loose her newly-won asset before getting any useful information out of the broken woman.

Although she's been out of the game for years Velvet continues to easily slide back into the life she was born for as the agency that trained her hunts her down and she searches for the identity of the person who murdered two old friends and framed Violet for the crimes. Worth a look.

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