Sunday, January 19, 2014

Killer Women - Some Men Need Killing

Cancelled days after the airing of "Some Men Need Killing" due to low ratings, the show's second episode (and apparently last episode to be broadcast) sends Texas Ranger Molly Parker (Tricia Helfer) on an investigation the death of an emotionally abusing water park owner whose wife (Melora Hardin) had the means and motive to pay an assassin for his murder.

What begins as a single murder investigation turns into something more complicated when she uncovers the assassin for hire who targets abused housewives as potential clients and offers them a $30,000 opportunity as a permanent end to their suffering. After talking with a second woman (Audrey Walters) whose husband died under mysterious circumstances, Molly begins focusing on the one person both widows had in common - their interior decorator (Beth Riesgraf), with her own dead husband and whose intimate knowledge of her clients' personal lives would be the perfect pool to find potential clients for her less reputable second business.

Distracted by personal issues involving the judge refusing to finalizing Molly's divorce to her abusive ex-husband, and her sister-in-law's (Marta Milans) suspicions that Molly's brother (Michael Trucco) is cheating on her, Molly almost misses her chance to catch the killer before the assassin frames Molly for the murder of her husband. Ending after two episodes the series leaves several issues left to be resolved, most notably Parker finding the strength to tell the world just what kind of a man she was married to for years. On the plus side, "Some Men Need Killing" earns points for casting Leverge's Beth Riesgraf as a formidable opponent for Parker (if only for a single episode).

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