Saturday, January 11, 2014

Star Wars #13

Following the news that Marvel will take sole publishing rights over the Star Wars universe beginning in 2015, Brian Wood and new artist Facundo Percio deliver the best issue of the latest classic series. Told from the perspective of Ensign Nanda, Star Wars #13 opens a new arc showcasing the vengeance and brutality of Darth Vader who creates a small elite team of Stormtroopers to accompany the Dark Lord of Sith and Nanda on his mission of revenge.

From Nanda's perspective we only see what Vader allows her to see, and we also witness his unchecked agression through her eyes including torturing Imperial officers for information and as a statement of his authority which has been questioned since the destruction of the first Death Star.

Given the number of titles in Marvel's stable I can't see any Star Wars title getting the kind of focus Dark Horse has given them since acquiring the rights in 1991. Although the company has put quite a bit of mediocre comics under the brand I've been thoroughly enjoying this series and will be sad to see it come to a premature end. Best of the week.

[Dark Horse, $2.99]

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