Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blind Date

Needing a date for an important business dinner with a prestigious Japanese firm, workaholic Walter Davis (Bruce Willis), against his better judgement, allows his brother (Phil Hartman) to set him up on a blind date. Warned not to get Nadia (Kim Basinger) drunk, Walter doesn't realize just how crazy his night will get after sharing a few glasses of champagne. By the end of the night Walter is fired, crazed, robbed, his car are best suit are both ruined, and he's arrested for a violent scene involving Nadia's psychopathic ex-boyfriend (John Larroquette).

Directed by Blake Edwards, Blind Date is pretty much a one-joke movie as Nadia's increasingly wild behavior drives Walter further and further over the edge. Despite the worst night of his life, and everything he looses over the course of the evening, Walter falls for Nadia using her weakness to alcohol to win her back from her ex-boyfriend in the film's final moments after Nadia, blaming herself for the entire night, makes a deal with him to keep Walter out of jail.

Re-released on Blu-ray this week the film has aged fairely well and includes plenty of chances for both Basinger and Larroquette to act crazy and offers some fun cameos to watch for including Armin Shimerman, William Daniels, Mike Genovese, and Sab Shimono. Something of a guilty pleasure, Blind Date certainly is not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, but as dumb fun it provides its share of laughs.

[Image Entertainment, $17.97]

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