Thursday, January 16, 2014

Morning Glories #36

The latest issue of Morning Glories turns its attention to Ian, a student of Abraham's Camp and a member of Irina's failed takeover attempt of Morning Glories Academy. Along with showing us Ian's current activities, Morning Glories #36 gives us a look back at the man who made him and Dainelle Clarkson's discovery of him years before during Casey's time traveling adventures.

Released from holding, Ian returns to his friends who happen to be the would-be newspaper publishers Hunter has been recently spending time with. Although outwardly charming, Ian (like Irina) appears to have a quick temper and dark motives Hunter might not be prepared for (especially after discovering who has just arrived at the Academy).

Rather than being coy, Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma come right out and showcase Ian's unusual nature although we don't get an explanation as to why there are so many versions of him running around (clones, copies, astral projections, duplicates?). Whatever the case, it's obvious he's someone worth keeping an eye on. Worth a look.

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