Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sleepy Hollow - The Indispensable Man

The first-half of Sleepy Hollow's two-hour First Season finale involves Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) investigating the message hidden in George Washington's Bible four days after Washington's (Louis Herthum) death by none other than Zombie George Washington (yeah, you read that right). The message includes a map to Purgatory Crane could use to free Katrina (Katia Winter) or provide Moloch a method of bringing forth his apocalypse. As Crane faces the double-edged sword of Katrina's salvation versus the end of the world, both he and Abbie do their best to ignore the prophecy that Crane will eventually turn on Abbie and deliver her soul to Moloch.

Calling on the help of the Sin Eater (John Noble), the pair search for clues to the location of Washington's map inside Washington's secret grave not realizing by involving Henry they are playing right into Moloch's hands as the group leads the fully-turned Andy Brooks (John Cho) straight to the map and traps the Sin Eater and two witnesses inside Washington's tomb. After escaping, Crane agrees to destroy the map rather than let it fall into the hands of the enemy, but temptation soon gets the better of the time traveling soldier with a photographic memory.

In the episode's B-story Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) struggles to find a plausible explanation for recent events involving his wife (Jill Marie Jones) and possessed handicapped daughter (Amandla Stenberg) to a Federal Agent () which forces Irving to confess to the double-murder of a police officer (Michael Roark) and a priest (David Fonteno). Laying the foundation for betrayal (by perhaps more than one character) the show sets the table for Crane's reunion with his wife, Irving taking the fall for his family, and the possibility of the prophecy being fulfilled in the final-half of the two-part season finale.

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