Saturday, January 11, 2014

White Collar - Live Feed

As Peter (Tim DeKay) contemplates taking a promotion to Washington D.C. he still struggles to come to terms with Neal‘s (Matt Bomer) latest deception and the unsolved murder of David Seigel (Warren Kole). The Dutchman's (Mark Sheppard) blackmail of Neal continues as as Hagen kidnaps Rebecca (Bridget Regan) as further incentive to force Neal to deliver the stained glass pieces. Despite making the trade Hagen refuses to release the new girl in Caffrey's life until Neal and Mozzie (Willie Garson) solve the mystery the codex unlocks.

While trying to make good on Hagen's demands Neal also must help Peter with the latest case involving a forged William Blake painting which Neal quickly discovers was created by The Dutchman. With the FBI bearing down and Rebecca's life in danger, Neal decides to change the rules of the game. Of course once he looses his chance at the treasure and is apprehended by the FBI, Hagen does as well.

Things move quickly during the episodes' final ten minutes as Hagen is arrested, swears vengeance on both Peter and Neal, and walks himself straight into his own execution. However, his effects give Peter the first real lead on Siegel's death when they stumble upon an apartment full of reconnaissance data on both Neal and Peter. The episode also ends with a startling revelation (at least for Neal, as I called the truth about Rebecca weeks ago). That said, I wasn't expecting either Hagen's sudden death or how the show would tie-in Siegel's murder back to Neal's girlfriend.

Hagen's death ends Neal's servitude and the secrets which must be kept from Peter, and the reveal that Rebecca was Hagen's partner (at least until she shot him) also allows the show to ramp up for the the season's final three episodes as the hunt for the twin of the Hope Diamond will mean going up against a woman skilled enough to fool The Dutchman, Mozzie, and Neal and ruthless enough to take out anyone in her way. We'll also have to see if Peter's comments made in anger which Neal overheard come back to bite Agent Burke as the show seems to be steering its way to the possible return of the old Neal Caffrey (whose prison sentence, already well-past the initial time frame given, can't last all that much longer... can it?).

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