Tuesday, June 17, 2014

24: Live Another Day - 6pm - 7pm

Making the decision to turn himself over to Margot Al-Harazi (Michelle Fairley) in exchange for her agreeing to destroy all the drones, despite knowing full well in doing so he'll be forfeiting his life, President Heller (William Devane) enlists the help of both Boudreau (Tate Donovan) and Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) to make the exchange happen.

Despite both men's reluctance and distrust for each other, each eventually agrees although Jack holds out hope Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) can makes something of the data Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski) is able to get out of Simone (Emily Berrington). Sadly, with limited resources and the clock against her Chloe simply won't be able to gain control of the drones before the episode's explosive final scene. However, given the preview of next episode it's apparent the terrorist's word is not better than you'd expect as Chloe's skill will no doubt be needed to destroy drones still under Margot's control.

The mystery around the framing of Kate's husband continues to deepen as Navarro's (Benjamin Bratt) attempt to kill a snooping Jordan Reed (Giles Matthey) doesn't go exactly according to plan. The conspiracy widens to reveal Adrian Cross (Michael Wincott) as Navarro's silent partner in a storyline which will likely continue to grow as the season picks up steam. With Heller dead but Margot still at large the mission is far from over for Jack and Kate who are now searching for a presidential assassin as well as a terrorist.

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