Monday, June 16, 2014

Continuum - 3 Minutes to Midnight

"3 Minutes to Midnight" offers answers and revelations to several characters but no one likes what they learn. Discovering Brad (Ryan Robbins) is missing, Kiera (Rachel Nichols) beings searching for her John Doe time traveler whose memories of his past are slowly returning. By the end of the episode both Kiera and Liber8 will know the truth about Brad and his alternate dystopian future of what Liber8's "winning" truly looks like. Captured and tortured by Liber8 alongside Kiera, the truth of Brad's story does far more damage to the terrorists' movement than any action the Protector has taken over the past three seasons.

After Jason (Ian Tracey) has a violent episode and beats a man in the park, Carlos (Victor Webster) takes a closer look at HALO and the other violent incidents Dillon (Brian Markinson) has swept under the rug for the greater good, even going so far to enlist the help of Julian Randol (Richard Harmon). What they learn doesn't please either of them but the greater good of the project demands they keep their mouths shut - even after Jason violent attacks and almost kills Julian inside Piron.

Following the Brad's torture, the episode ends with a series of reveals involving Brad's true purpose, his partnership with Chen (Terry Chen) under the leadership of Kellog (Stephen Lobo), Kiera admiring to the truth of two Alec Sadlers (Erik Knudsen) and her own second time travel jump, and the inevitable conclusion that all of their collected efforts have been wasted. With all but Sonya (Lexa Doig) giving up the fight the episode ending leads into an uncertain future for everyone in the season's final two episodes.

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