Monday, June 23, 2014

Continuum - The Dying Minutes

Loyalties change and casualties mount heading into next week's season finale as the recent actions of Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) forces Kiera (Rachel Nichols) to reevaluate her decision about which Alec she chose to turn over to Catherine (Rachael Crawford). Choosing to rectify her mistake, Kiera offers turn over Brad (Ryan Robbins) to the Freelancers as a ploy to break Alec out of their prison. While she's not paying attention, Sonya (Lexa Doig) will make one more terrorist attack on Piron hoping to poison the public on HALO.

The results of both storylines leave two Alec Sadlers back in the world and means the deaths of two more series regulars as Sonya's attempt ruin HALO fails but turning herself into a suicide bomb does allow her to take Dillon (Brian Markinson) with her in a final blaze of glory. Kiera's actions also open the door for Chen (Terry Chen) who seizes on the Protector's betrayal to make swift work of what is left of the Freelancers and free the mysterious Traveler who was responsible for Chen's resurrection and, although Catherine's prisoner, instating and upholding the principles for the Freelancers' goal of protecting the timeline.

Although she goes out (literally) with a bang, I'm sad to see Sonya exit the show and surprised to see Dillon, whose increasing nebulous nature offered multiple avenues to explore, go with her. The bloodletting of the Freelancers is substantial leaving only Chen and the mysterious Traveler as wild cards in the war for the future with no clue as to where their allegiances now lie. When the head of Piron learns Kiera has released his double back into the world in the episode's final scene it means the futures of both Sadlers is very much in the air as is that of Julian Randol (Richard Harmon) who learns the truth, the good and the bad, about his future from Sonya before she becomes one more martyr to the cause.

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