Sunday, June 1, 2014

Samurai Jack #8

In an issue without dialogue the focus of Samurai Jack #8 becomes the art as Samurai Jack's attempt to hide from the noise of the future city leads him to a sleeping pod. Thanks to the maneuvering of his old enemy Aku, Jack awakes in a mirrored cave where his reflection creates distorted doubles of the samurai out for blood.

I like the idea of doing a Samurai Jack storyline without any dialogue, something "Jack Renumbers the Past" put to tremendious use for most of the episode, but a throwaway one-issue adventure doesn't have the same impact of Jack returning home for the first time.

Still, the story works and provides plenty of action while playing on the deviousness of Aku, even if I felt that artist & inker Andy Suriano's heavy lines were a bit too much in some of the panels (which the reader is going to focus more on without any dialogue to read). Worth a look.

[IDW, $3,99]

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