Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rookie Blue - Heart Breakers, Money Makers

Sent out along with the other local divisions to seize illegally-bought goods from criminals awaiting trial or already in prison, Andy (Missy Peregrym) and her new rookie Duncan (Matthew Owen Murray) run into a little trouble with a entrepreneur (Benjamin Ayres) who had been running illegal poker games out of his whom when the man decides to punch Duncan and run rather than turn over the items on the list. With the help of Nick (Peter Mooney) and Swarek (Ben Bass) the pair manage not only to track the man down but untangle the drama involving his wife and recover thousands in cash. Duncan does get punched in the face and punk out of a volunteer assignment later in the episode, but stills shows some improvement on the job.

Epstein (Gregory Smith) and Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) run into some trouble of their own when they are beaten to a scene by Cole (Clé Bennett) and his partner. Trading in what is a lucrative collection of a gangbanger in prison, Epstein decides to play a hunch and tackle a lead of illegal credit cards found in the man's safe. Although the collar turns out to be far more valuable than their original assignment, the pair take some heat from both Oliver (Matt Gordon) and Jarvis (Oliver Becker) for disobeying orders. It also raise the ire of Cole who adds the bust as another thing Esptein has stolen from him including Chloe (Priscilla Faia).

Drama outside the job falls on Diaz's (Travis Milne) stress over organizing this year's Fight Night, Nick (still dealing with Andy and Swarek together) steps into the ring to get clobbered, and Gail goes from blissfully happy with Holly (Aliyah O'Brien) to anything but after meeting Holly's friends (Alexandra Ordolis, Diana Bentley) and realizing she's the one taking the relationship more seriously than the other party for the first time. I'm hoping the speed bump in the Gail/Holly relationship is only temporary as the pair have become my favorite on-screen couple (slightly behind Chloe and Dov, and way ahead of Andy and Swarek whose still kinda stalled relationship still takes up quite a bit of time every episode).

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