Thursday, June 12, 2014

Graceland - The Line

When Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) uncovers the fact that the Caza Cartel has put a hit out on Bello's former Marine weapons trainer, Mike (Aaron Tveit) leaves his cushy digs in Washington D.C., where the glow of his big win has begun to fade, and returns hoping for another big collar to further boost his career. However, what should have a simple long weekend mainly full of surfing and hanging out with old friends doesn't go exactly as planned.

The new DEA Agent (Deniz Akdeniz) staying in his room isn't the only change Mike notices when returning to Graceland where he finds a happy Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren), Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) chasing ghosts (while sleeping with the boss), and an all-business Briggs ready to use Mike as bait to draw out the cartel's hitmen. When things don't go as planned Briggs has no trouble calling off the operation forcing Mike to pull rank and put himself in grave danger when the second meet goes even worse than the first and he is taken hostage.

A little torture doesn't do Mike in, thanks to the arrival of Briggs and the cavalry, but it does give the FBI Agent a vital piece of information tied to a theory he's been pursuing back in D.C. for months concerning the smuggling of drugs and guns into the U.S. through passenger buses. With the new lead, and a little sweet talking of his D.C. girlfriend (Emily Rose), Mike gets 8 weeks in the field to prove his theory and to help him do it the best team he knows.

The new set-up putting Mike temporarily in charge of Graceland is an interesting spin on the new season. Despite his girlfriend back home Mike's sexual tension with Paige (Serinda Swan) hasn't subsided and with Briggs and Charlie together it's likely the house will be far more sexually-charged this season. Despite shooting down Mike's suspicions about what went down at the end of last season, Charlie is obviously less sure about Briggs than she lets on and there's still the little matter of the recording of Briggs killing a FBI Agent which will likely surface in some form to create its own complications later this season.

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