Sunday, June 22, 2014

Teen Titans Go! - Man Person

Taking the wrong lesson from Cyborg's (Khary Payton) attempt to make him feel better about his new scar, Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) decides he wants to be tougher and more manly like his best friend including getting his own robotic hand and taking the name "Scar Man." Still not satisfied, the hero removes more of his body parts to become full cyborg which may turn on Raven (Tara Strong) but causes concern from the rest of his teammates.

Robin (Scott Menville) and Cyborg chase down the various body parts but the episode gets even weirder as Cyborg transplants several of Beast Boys parts onto himself in an attempt to shock some sense into his best friend. The episode ends with the bizarre mismatched heroes spending time together, each still enjoying the weirdness of their new bodies, but doesn't do much to resolve the situation before the "Man Person" comes to a close.

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