Thursday, June 26, 2014

Perception - Painless

Standing-in as Donnie's (Scott Wolf) last-minute expert witness in a trial to take down a pimp (William Miller) who emotionally and physically broke several young aspiring models turning them into prostitutes gives Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) the unique opportunity to view one of more unusual murders of his career as a prosecuting attorney (Jessica Morris) dies in the middle of a courtroom from a gunshot wound no one, not even the victim, knew had occurred.

Resulting in several twists and turns, the investigation leads to the discovery of a rare genetic condition shared by both the lawyer and her sister (Meg Chambers Steedle) as well as the existence of a group of costumed vigilantes one of whom (Fred Koehler) may have gone too far in his attempt to deliver justice. With the help of the hallucinatory Dr. Napoleon Messier (Steve Valentine), Daniel is able to help the FBI close the case on two murders the would-be hero is responsible for but the third, the pimp who walked from lack of evidence during the opening trial, who was killed for entirely different motives.

The super-hero subplot seems to come out of nowhere halfway through the episode but works to explain the series of tragic events leading to the murder of three people. The other plotlines in the episode involve Daniel finally coming to terms with the grief over loosing Miranda (Perrey Reeves) and learning to accept the condolences and help of his friends while trying to something similar for a scared young girl (Sammi Hanratty) terrified of the man who destroyed her life. And Donnie and Kate's (Rachael Leigh Cook) attempts to get remarried on the fly run into a few roadblocks before one of them makes an important decision.

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