Monday, June 9, 2014

Continuum - Revolutions Per Minute

Following Betty's (Jennifer Spence) death, Dillon (Brian Markinson) has second thoughts on using his daughter Christine (Laci J Mailey) to infiltrate Liber8 and enlists Kiera's help to get her out. Understanding Liber8's method of attacking companies who will grow into the Corporate Congress, Kiera discovers a likely target in a small pharmaceutical company whose influence will grow exponentially in the coming decades.

Realizing Christine is already in place as a low-level employee in the company who Kiera suspects is repurposing the future drug Flash for its original purpose as an Alzheimer treatment, Kiera and Carlos (Victor Webster) are ordered by Dillon to let the situation play out as attempting to remove her could do more harm than good. Eventually Kiera decides to follow her original orders and expose the company (doing Liber8's bidding) but also pulling Christine out of harm's way.

After Carlos discovers Alec (Erik Knudsen) has taken the other Kiera's body, Alec makes up the excuse of an impromptu funeral to hide the fact that he removed Kiera's CMR and installed part of it in his son Jason (Ian Tracey) to get HALO to work (but which is already showing some unusual side-effects). Alec also discovers an important bit of information about Kiera's house guest which he decides to keep to himself after she discovers the removal of the dead Kiera's CMR amping up the tension between the two once more. And, just as Julian (Richard Harmon) has begun embracing his role as Thesus, Alec offers him a job at Piron to put his ideas to practical purpose helping people rather than becoming a terrorist.

Using part of the sample which was used to take down the drug company, Kiera offers it to her amnesiac John Doe (Ryan Robbins) who shows a vague knowledge of Kellog (Stephen Lobo) but starts to remember far more after his exposure to Flash including his name and the reason he came back in time. She also attempts to keep the man's identity a secret to the Freelancers as another partnership appears to be crumbling as well. Disgusted by Alec's actions, confused over Carlos' feelings for the other version of herself, and once again at odds with the Freelancers, "Revolutions Per Minute" ends with Kiera's relationships all souring (while she's taken a very real threat into her home) which should lead to an interesting final three episodes of the season.

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